You can now play the original Diablo for free on your web browser

One of the most addictive "looter" video games of all time is back — and this time it's playable on your very own web browser.

Game developer Rivsoft has made the original Diablo free-to-play on web browsers, complete with a rebuilt source code and graphics that might have actually aged better than its gameplay.

Rivsoft has been very careful in warning us that they have inadvertently preserved all the original bugs and glitches by building the source code this way but hey, that just gives you the authentic experience, doesn't it?

There is a catch, though. You can only play Diablo this way with one character class and a few of the levels from the original game.

However, if you have a copy of the game (you can get it from GOG if you don't have it already), you can load its data and play the game in its entirety on your web browser.

Otherwise, if you have a spare half hour or so, why not jump back in for a bit?

Hacking and slashing skeletons is just one of those things that will never get old.

The article was first published in Hardware Zone.