You can (virtually) dash through terminals with luggage trolleys in an arcade game at Jewel Changi Airport

Haven’t we all fantasised about racing across the carpeted terminals of Changi Airport on luggage trolleys? No? Just us? Fine. 

In any case, you actually can right now — specifically, in an interactive game at Jewel Changi Airport. Yes, now can finally be the hyper-efficient trolley uncle/auntie you want to see in the world. 

The endless running video game is available for the public to play for free at the newly opened Changi Experience Studio, and according to this video captured by Xavier Lur, looks like fairly decent fun. 

In Temple Run: Changi Airport Trolleys Edition, the player moves via an actual trolley that has been rejigged into a swivelling controller, while the scores are acquired by collecting as many trolleys as possible as you wind through an endless Changi Airport hallway. Fun fact: Changi Airport’s luggage trolleys are entirely unique to the airport, designed for ease of use on carpeted floors and made with special conductive materials to prevent static shocks from rolling on carpets. 

Aside from the trolley game, Changi Experience Studio (which costs money to enter) also offers other interactive arcade-y games, including a runway race between a Porsche sports car and a Boeing Aircraft via pedalling power. 

Or, if you’re in the market for something less physical, a game that replicates the job of a security officer scanning for prohibited items inside baggage. What fun!