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Zoom Events and Zoom Apps are officially available

Zoom Events and Zoom Apps are officially available

Zoom officially released Zoom Apps and Zoom Events to strengthen its offering for consumers.

Zoom Apps allow you to directly access your favourite entertainment, productivity, wellness and lifestyle apps in the Zoom meeting. In addition, you can share and send Zoom Apps within the meetings to other participants to facilitate collaboration and engagement.

These Zoom Apps are different from those already available in the Zoom App Marketplace, which already hosts more than 1,500 third-party developed apps. So far, these have been in the form of Zoom being integrated into other apps for easier meeting scheduling or transcription for example. Zoom Apps however, are third-party apps designed to be used within Zoom Meetings.

For example, playing games is something a lot of people do to pass the time, and now you can play poker within Zoom with LGN Poker. Others like Ask Away are “ice breakers” for a getting to know you session pre-meeting.

But there will always be productivity apps, and some new Zoom Apps for this category include Asana (create, edit, and assign tasks, all without leaving your Zoom Meeting), Dropbox Spaces (collaborate in real-time in a single shared workspace before, during, and after Zoom Meetings), and SurveyMonkey (get in-the-moment feedback from surveys and polls available directly within Zoom).

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Zoom Events, which was announced in May, helps you build, host and manage a virtual or hybrid event. There are other features such as building a branded event hub, creating multi-session events, a chat lobby for attendee networking, customisable ticketing and registration, and the ability to host free or paid events, public or private.

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