Zoom to give free subscription users access to live transcripts

Access to the free transcription service has already started.

Zoom is working towards making automatic closed captioning, what Zoom refers to as “Live Transcription”, available to all users by the third quarter of 2021. This was announced in a company blog post earlier this week.

Previously, only paid accounts were the ones with this functionality although users also had the option of using third-party apps like Otter.ai.

Zoom says that free account holders who require Live Transcription now, can from today up until the feature’s broader release, have their meeting host request for it by entering their information here.

They will then receive a confirmation email with more details. However, the company cautions that due to expected demand, not all requests may be answered in time. Currently, the only language supported by Live Transcription is English.

Zoom has been adding and opening more features to free accounts that were previously only paid account options. Opening transcription to all accounts helps, especially as the competition also have that option.

This article was first published in Hardware Zone.