17 celebs including Huang Xiaoming, Angelababy, Yang Mi pledge against consumption of wildlife

PHOTO: Screengrab/Weibo

With the wildlife market in Wuhan regarded as the possible source of the deadly coronavirus that has sickened over 45,000 people over the world, more and more noses have turned up against the consumption of wildlife.

To encourage even more people to skip out on this diet (which still remains popular in some parts of the world and within China itself), 17 Chinese celebrities including Kris Wu, Angelababy, Huang Xiaoming, Liu Tao, Angel Wang, and Yang Mi have appeared in a video montage pledging against such it.

"Say no to the consumption of wildlife," they chorused. "To save wildlife is to save (ourselves)."

The video ends with encouragement from Kris: "Pray for Wuhan. Together we will win the battle against NCP (novel coronavirus pneumonia)."

Eating unconventional or exotic food has long been a common form of entertainment and punishment in reality shows.

According to reports, Chinese actress Michelle Ye recently recounted her experience on such a show.

The 39-year-old said: "A producer once tried to get us to eat wildlife like bats and rhizomys during the recording of a show. Some of the artistes refused. The artistes who ate the meat ganged up with the production crew to bully us. They even told outsiders that we were unprofessional and acting like divas." 

Yang Mi was also previously forced to eat raw beef for a Chinese reality show Takes A Real Man as part of a challenge. If any of the participants failed to do so, they would have to eat a live chicken.

For someone who doesn't even eat sashimi or any forms of raw food, the ordeal proved to be too much for the actress. Fellow participants also remarked that it was too difficult a challenge for them.