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18-course meal for 22 tables: Wu Chun holds extravagant banquet for fans on 44th birthday

18-course meal for 22 tables: Wu Chun holds extravagant banquet for fans on 44th birthday
Wu Chun and his family at their birthday celebration with fans.
PHOTO: Weibo/Wu Chun

Wu Chun throws birthday parties more lavish than some people's weddings.

The Bruneian former Fahrenheit member turned 44 last Tuesday (Oct 10), a birthday he shares with his daughter Neinei. His wife Lin Liying and son Alex both have their birthdays on Oct 11.

It was not just a grand affair for the family — celebrations were held with friends and loved ones in Brunei, Singapore and China — but Wu Chun organised a banquet in Shanghai for his fans too.


"I haven't celebrated my birthday with the angels (his fans) in three years, I've missed you," he wrote in a Weibo post on Oct 15. "I am very grateful for this warm gathering, it's really nice and I'm happy to have you guys."

Accompanying the post were photos of Wu Chun and his family in a banquet hall with a large gathering of fans.

Alongside flowers and balloons galore, the venue was decorated with the eclectic interests of Wu Chun and his family - including motifs of elephants, koalas, an 'Eiffel Tower', tennis racquets and more.

A fan account shared that Wu Chun had booked 22 tables for the fans, and they had an 18-course meal.

"It was like a wedding banquet," they wrote on Weibo. "Eight cold dishes, 10 hot dishes including fish maw and abalone soup, dim sum, longevity noodles and a fruit dish."

They shared photos of the food which showed dishes of lobster, braised pork trotters, scallops, roast beef and crab.

On Wu Chun's post, fans left their birthday wishes and reminisced about the banquet fondly.


"Thank you for treating us to a feast," wrote a fan. "I was really happy and there was so much delicious food, but I also went to look at you and didn't have the heart to eat, haha. I was focused on watching the four treasures of the Wu family."

"Did everyone have enough to eat?" Wu Chun responded.

"I was very happy to attend your birthday party after four years. This was also the fourth time that I attended," another commented. "The first time was in Brunei with just you and Neinei, the second was with you and (former band member) Calvin Chen in Shenzhen, and the third time was with you, Neinei and Max in Brunei.

"The fourth time in Shanghai, finally I saw all four of you on stage."

They also hoped that Wu Chun and his family would remain safe and healthy so that fans could continue attending his birthday parties even in their seventies, to which Wu Chun responded: "I must still be celebrating my birthday with you at 80!"

Another fan shared a photo of soft-serve ice cream from the banquet, asking if Wu Chun had the opportunity to have some for dessert.

Wu Chun responded with a sobbing emoji: "What I regret most is that you all ate all the ice cream."


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