2018 Chinese zodiac forecast for those born in Dragon year

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For those born with the sign of the Dragon in your destiny chart, there are two auspicious stars for you this year.

In 2018, major issues will water down on its own. Your rivals and competitors will display compassion and benevolence even when you're facing challenges. People will cut you some slack and give you leeway.


There will be new responsibilities or positions of authority for you this year. You may be put in positions where you'll need to make important decisions. So if you're proactive this year, you will have the authority and ability needed to execute your dreams. 

The Year of the Dog clashes with those born in the year of the Dragon, which also means it is the year of the Grand Duke or tai sui.

However, it does not always mean it's a negative thing. It means there will be changes, which people are generally uncomfortable with. If you guide yourself to a positive direction, some of these changes could be rewarding in the end. 

Big changes may happen this year, depending on what you're focusing on.

If your primary focus is on your career, there may be a change in job, position or company structure. Whether it is rewarding at the end, depends on the circumstances of the change, whether it is self-imposed or circumstances imposed on you.

If you make the change yourself and it's intentional, most of the time, you can get the desired outcome. So you might want to think of what you want to change this year.

Big change may also occur in your personal life or relationships. If you're single, you may be able to find someone whom you'll want to pursue a relationship with. 

If you are in a close relationship with somebody, the change in 2018 may also mean that you might get married or separated.

Another small issue that may bother you this year is that you may offend petty people unknowingly. 


This year may also see you spending a lot of money and this is likely since there will be major changes this year, which may involve a new job, relocating or studying overseas and so on - all of which involve money.

So you may want to convert the expenditure into purchasing something of value, such as stocks or property. Try not to carry too much cash in your wallet as you might end up spending more. If you do have additional money, consider investing in assets like a property, or consider investing in yourself, such as pursuing a course or education.

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