2018 Chinese zodiac forecast for those born in Rooster year

Last year has been an interesting time for those born in the Year of the Rooster. Those who took on a proactive role in 2017 can continue on with the momentum in 2018.

However, if you have yet to pursue your goals and dreams, nor started your campaigns or projects in 2017, there might be fewer opportunities to do so this year.


Take note, you only have one moderate positive star known as Surpassing Path, a good star for career. What this means is that there may be career related roles (not opportunities) or campaigns that will somewhat lead to rewards, which you may not see at first.

This means that there will be a lot of situations that will be disguised as new workload, challenges or problems. But at the end of the day, it will be good for you.

If you're not adventurous and don't like challenges, problems or stress, and say 'no', it may become a challenging year for you because you lost the opportunity.

So if these things appear for you, you might want to consider your next steps. Do you want to take this risk?


There might be a lot of annoyances, disputes or arguments with people. For example, friends who are supposed to be helping you out may end up posing more problems or issues for you. Original partnership with a friend may turn out to be a disaster or your agreements did not turn out according to planned.

So one of the things to consider in 2018 is not to over plan. Sometimes the next right step is more important than the next five or ten steps ahead.

Also, do not depend too much on your partner, co-founder or friends, because if you depend on them to carry out something for you and if they do not do it to your specifications or method, you will be disappointed.


There may be illness, health problems or health hazards this year. If you had pre-existing health concerns in 2017, then this problem might escalate in 2018. Make sure you do your health check-ups and try to avoid sleeping in the West sector in your house.


If you're trying to open up new markets, trying to volunteer yourself for a role or tender for a big job, you might be concealed from attention. On the other hand, a lot of big issues and problems can bypass you too.

It's great to keep a low profile this year and take stock in whatever you have. Sometimes, gratitude can help to resolve all these problems.