2018 Chinese zodiac forecast for Year of the Ox

The year looks more than fair for those born in the Year of the Ox. There are four auspicious stars, but good things will happen only if you take a proactive role to make a difference this year.


Those who are thinking of starting a business this year or making more money, it is important that you take action this year. It may not represent 100 per cent success, but you will need to take advantage of the auspicious energy this year, especially if the ideas come to you.

If you lack the skills, learn or hire someone. You will also need time and capital, which you could raise by connecting with the right people.

People will be willing to help you with your goals and visions this year, but you must be willing to ask and be reasonable about it.

If you want to request for more salary or increment, this will be a great year for it.


In 2018, you might be given the opportunity to mend ties or fix a broken relationship. If you have conflict or legal challenges with people, you might arrive at an amicable settlement this year, but only if you pursue it.

Karma may ripen for you this year, especially if there were issues in the past that you might not be proud of.


There will also be petty people around you while you are working towards making progress in your career or business. They will find ways to obstruct you or slow you down. But don't worry about them because you have a lot of auspicious stars in your chart this year.

However, you might feel stressed or pressured this year too.

In 2018, for some reason, objects like computers or cars may break down due to the Broken Star in your charts this year.