4 peas in a pod: Aaron Kwok's wife Moka Fang and her friends are spitting images of each other

PHOTO: Weibo/MK_fy, funforfans

Can you tell which of these four ladies is Chinese model Moka Fang?

We almost couldn't.

Moka, who married Hong Kong superstar Aaron Kwok in 2017, was recently spotted hanging out with her influencer pals looking all fancy.

With the pictures circulating online, the first thing that caught the public's eye was how alike the four of them look.

Some fans on Weibo wondered if they were "quadruplets."

Photo: Weibo/funforfans

One even commented that "they're so close that they shared the same [plastic] surgeon!"

Photo: Weibo/MK_fy

And then someone posed the million-dollar question: “I wonder if the superstar (Aaron) himself can recognise which one of them is his wife.”

Guessed it yet? 

Photo: Weibo/MK_fy

Moka is the one in glasses!

Six months pregnant with her second child, the 31-year-old is still looking slim, radiant and every bit like her non-preggers self.

Pregnancy definitely looks good on her.

The first 'official' photo of Aaron, Moka and their toddler Chantelle.Photo: Instagram/mokafy

And it seems the good-looking couple's first-born, daughter Chantelle, has inherited their fine genes.