49-year-old fathers David Tao and Kevin Cheng welcome 'Pig' babies

PHOTO: Instagram/ davidztao, ghlchan

[UPDATE FEB 18, 3.12PM] 

Grace Chan and Kevin Cheng have revealed their son's name and face through Grace's personal Instagram page. 

"Welcome to the World Baby Rafael!" the caption said. 

"Thank you to all the wonderful staff at Hong Kong Adventist Hospital Stubbs Road for making his arrival the most comfortable and stress-free! More importantly, thank you for respecting our privacy so much!" 

In the picture, an adorable churub is held in the arms of a man (probably Cheng), and a framed picture of the couple can be spotted in the background. 

"Just want to let everyone know that Mommy is healthy! Baby R is behaving~ And Daddy is taking good care of all of us! What more can we ask for?" the caption continued. 

Hubby Kevin also uploaded the same photo, along with a caption that said: "Every parent will say their BB (baby) is the best... I finally understand!"

Congratulations once again to the couple!

There's a lot more than romantic love in the air this year pre- and post-Valentine's day.

We're talking about parental love -- the unconditional type that Taiwan singer-songwriter David Tao and Hong Kong actor Kevin Cheng will now be all too familiar with. 

Both are now first-time fathers to sons -- Tao's was born on Feb 13, and Cheng's reportedly on Feb 15.


On Feb 15, 49-year-old Tao posted an ode to his wife and baby through Instagram, along with a picture of 'Bonbon' (his son's nickname) cradled in his arms. 

"How do I describe the feeling of the moment he was born?" the accompanying caption said in Mandarin. 

"Is it similar to buying your first car? Stepping into your new home for the first time? Or the first time you fall in love? I can only say that welcoming a new life is a feeling that is deeper and more complicated than all of those experiences." 

"I've recently been feeling regretful -- why do I have to be half a century old before being able to experience this 'first'? But I believe this is all part of God's plan," he continued.

In the caption, Tao also thanked his wife Penny Chiang for her sacrifice and shared that she can now finally get a good night's rest. 

The two were married in 2014, and Tao once said that he hopes to have three kids so that they can look after Chiang, who is 16 years his junior, in the future. 

According to online reports, the baby is believed to weigh about three kilograms and is in the pink of health. 


Meanwhile, Hong Kong power couple Kevin Cheng and Grace Chan have also welcomed their son (nicknamed Baby R) in a not so hush-hush affair.  

Cheng was spotted by local media leaving Hong Kong Adventist Hospital, and when reporters reached out to him for confirmation, he thanked them for their concern and promised to give announcements "when there is news".

However, according to online reports, friends and family of the couple have already had a head's up about the baby's impending arrival, and fellow TVB colleagues Kenneth Ma and Stephen Wong have also congratulated them. 

Grace reportedly had a caesarean delivery, and on the baby's supposed arrival date, she uploaded a black and white video on Instagram, calling pregnancy "one of the most unique experiences" of her life. 

"I’m going to admit it hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies, but that’s the beauty of this journey. With that said, I am so grateful to everyone who has been a part in supporting and loving me during this time, thank you," she added in her caption. 

Having tied the knot with Kevin in August 2018, the subsequent pregnancy announcement in November came as a surprise to most.

A hearty congratulations to both couples!