5566's Zax Wang lived in a haunted house but only his daughter knew about it

We're quite familiar with the basic questions to ask when looking for a house.

But what about unwelcomed 'guests' of the supernatural kind?

In the Jan 3 episode of Taiwanese talk show Queen, Taiwanese actress Ji Qin (and wife of 5566's Zax Wang) was a guest on the show and she shared her family's experience on house hunting.

A topic that came up among the guests was that of feng shui, superstitious house owners, and those who were supposedly "suitable" to live in haunted houses.

Ji Qin, 43, immediately piped up and recounted the story of a property that she and hubby Zax used to rent.

The television personality said: "A long time ago, we rented this place and it had a few levels, but we could never stay at the second floor.

PHOTO: Screengrab from YouTube/TVBS 女人我最大

"I only knew why recently when my daughter opened up to me. She said 'Mummy, do you know why I never went up to the second floor to do my homework, and why I could never stay on the second floor? Because when you turn the corner on the second floor, before heading up the stairs, there's always a man standing there in a cape.'"

The chilling revelation left Ji Qin in shock. She was also surprised that her daughter Le Le managed to keep the ghostly encounters to herself all these years.

As Ji Qin reflected on her daughter's words, she added: "Every time I walk past that flight of stairs, I always wondered why it felt so cold there."

However, her supernatural encounter is behind her now as she spills more tea on her husband's impulsiveness when it comes to house hunting.

She had to talk him out of buying a house located on a slope, where the master bedroom was three floors below the ground floor, and a plot of land that was close to a graveyard.