80s Hong Kong idol Margie Tsang turns into fan girl after bumping into Chow Yun Fat

PHOTO: Weibo/ 曾華倩, Internet screengrab

Imagine going about your weekly grocery shopping in the supermarket and turning a corner only to bump into the ultimate auntie-killer in the Chinese-speaking entertainment world — Chow Yun Fat. 

Who wouldn't squeal like a fan girl and ask for a coveted wefie?

It was the same for Hong Kong former actress Margie Tsang, better known as Tsang Wah Sin, who once commanded her fair share of adoring fans when she was a teenage TVB star in the 1980s. (FYI, she also dated Tony Leung Chiu-wai for six years.)

Margie, 55, posted the photo she took with Yun Fat — who looks astonishingly good — on Weibo on Wednesday (Oct 14) and said: "Haha, I finally met Fat-gor at Kowloon City. The last time we met was many years ago… but Fat-gor is still a man god. I am so happy today that I can die. I was so lucky that we worked together in (the drama) Police Cadet '85!"

PHOTO: Weibo/ 曾華倩

Margie appears to have moved from acting to hosting in recent years. She divorced her husband in 2002, and raised her son Martin, who's now 21 years old and a national swimmer.