Aaron Kwok drives Lamborghini to buy diapers, gets stuck in traffic due to street rally

He may be a 'Heavenly King', but one may forget Aaron Kwok's also a regular dad.

As the Hong Kong protests continued over the weekend, netizens on Sunday (Sept 8) gathered for a 'Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Prayer Meeting', taking their demonstration to the US Consulate General on Hong Kong island.

Although organisers had announced on social media that participants should leave once the parade ended at 4.30pm, demonstrators remained in the area for hours after, leading to road closures along Hennessy Road and Causeway Bay.

One of those affected by the traffic congestion was none other than Hong Kong superstar, Aaron Kwok.

At around 7pm, reporters noticed the 'Heavenly King' stranded in his black Lamborghini. Several demonstrators rushed forward for photos and even thanked the star for 'supporting' their cause.

But the truth was much more mundane.

When quizzed by reporters, the hapless actor rolled down his window and replied that he's just on the way to buy diapers for his daughter. Aaron and his wife, Moka Fang, welcomed their second daughter in April this year. Their first child, Chant, was born in 2016.

Asked if he was worried that demonstrators may damage his luxury sports car, the actor merely gave an embarrassed look as he drove away.