Actor Bryan Cranston still hasn't fully recovered sense of taste after getting Covid-19

Bryan Cranston.
PHOTO: Reuters

The 65-year-old actor and his wife Robin Dearden contracted coronavirus last March, and though he insisted they were "very lucky" to only experience mild symptoms, they are still feeling the after-effects now.

He admitted: "It's come back to some degree, but not 100 per cent."

The couple contracted the virus two weeks after their friends, Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, and the former Breaking Bad star thinks it was "very fortunate" that the 'Philadelphia' star was willing to speak openly about his experience.

Speaking to The Telegraph Magazine, he said: "Tom got it just before I did. When he came out with it I think it was very fortunate for society that, 'Oh, a rich and famous guy can get it? Then that means I can get it.' So it really hit home for a lot of people."

The pandemic caused production on Bryan's latest TV show, Your Honor - in which he stars alongside Carmen Ejogo and Hunter Doohan - to be halted midway through filming, and when it resumed in the autumn, the actor found work was much less "fun" because of all the precautions put in place.

He said: "I was tested three times a week. The working conditions were very strange. We had to wear masks even when we were rehearsing.

"Standing 6ft apart, then all of a sudden, when we're ready to shoot, Carmen and I are nose-to- nose. Then cut, step back, put the masks back on. No dinners; go to work, go home. Quite frankly, a lot of the fun was taken out of the whole process."

But the Infiltrator star gets annoyed when people complain about the measures they are asked to take in everyday life.

He said: "I bristle when I hear people saying it's too big a sacrifice to wear a mask and socially distance. I'm thinking, 'Is that really a sacrifice? Your grandparents, my parents, were in World War Two, that was a sacrifice. This is an inconvenience. Just buck up, wear the mask, do what we're told by the experts, and we can overcome this.' "

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