Amanda Seyfried spends Christmas away from husband and son after Covid-19 exposure

Amanda Seyfried spends Christmas away from husband and son after Covid-19 exposure
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Amanda Seyfried spent Christmas away from her husband and son after a Covid-19 exposure.

The 36-year-old actress and her daughter Nina, four, were forced to isolate away from Amanda's husband Thomas Sadoski and 15-month-old son Thomas over the holiday period after Amanda was exposed to the virus.

She wrote on Instagram: "It kills me that my girl and I are separated from her dad and brother this Christmas. 'It's a s*** time to be in isolation and it's happening everywhere.

"I'm trying my very, very best to find the beauty, adjust to the reality, and make incredible memories of our barn holiday, but it's f****** hard. And that's okay too. Happy Christmas to all. Hold the people you can hold tighter, even tighter."


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Amanda also revealed that she had been exposed to Covid just days before she was eligible for a vaccine booster and questioned whether the rules should be changed.

She wrote: "I was exposed three days before I was eligible for my booster. I'm left wondering if the six-month rule between shots still holds the same weight. If I'd been able to get my booster sooner, maybe I would have dodged the virus. Maybe. Should that rule still apply?"

Meanwhile, Amanda's Covid exposure comes after she recently revealed that she had been struck down with the virus earlier this year and was ill when she found out she had been nominated for an Oscar.

The actress landed her first-ever Academy Award nod in the Best Supporting Actress category in April for her portrayal of Marion Davies in David Fincher's biographical drama, Mank and Amanda was battling a bad case of the infectious virus and sleeping in when she learned of her nomination.

She said: "I turned my phone off the night before because I was like, 'If anyone's going to tell me I got an Academy Award nomination or didn't, I want it to be my mother.'

"But I was also sleeping in because I had a tough case of Covid."

Amanda explained how she didn't tell anyone about testing positive for coronavirus because she didn't want it to overshadow her career highlight.

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