American actress learns of boyfriend's fiancee and child through Twitter

PHOTO: Twitter/angelicaross

Angelica Ross was stunned to learn her new boyfriend had a fiancee and child after posting a photo of him on Twitter.

The Pose actress shared a photo of her mystery man on Wednesday (March 18) as she lamented the fact social distancing guidelines due to the coronavirus pandemic meant they were spending time apart - but wasn't feeling so warm towards him the following day.

She shared some pictures of herself and her boyfriend and wrote: "Finally found him and have to distance myself from him [crying face emoji] an early test we're committed to passing. I miss you B [heart and masked face emojis] (sic)"

The following day, the 39-year-old star replied to her own post to alert fans to the "plot twist".

She wrote: "The internet is AMAZING. I've been talking to the mother of his son and fiance all morning. #PlotTwist! (sic)"

One of her fans laid out the series of events in a tweet.

He posted: "For those who don't get it. Queen Angelica found this man and was dating. She posted this on Twitter and we all REJOICED in excitement. Twitter FBI probably saw the tweet and told Angelica this man has a kid and is engaged. Angelica was talking to his fiance all morning.(sic)"

Angelica retweeted the post and replied: "Basically."

The actress initially teased she would "spill the tea" on her Instagram Live over a glass of her favourite alcohol, but eventually backtracked.

She wrote "After talking with my girl @KingAmiyahScott, I realise I am not in any condition to go LIVE on my IG tonight. Going to pray about it instead.(sic)"