Andy Hui caught cheating on Sammi Cheng with Jacqueline Wong

PHOTO: Video screengrabs

Is one of Hong Kong's golden couples on the verge of breaking up?

Andy Hui and Sammi Cheng's epic romance spanning nearly three decades may soon come to an end after he was caught cheating on her in a viral video clip.

In the video, the 51-year-old singer-actor is seen cosying up in the back seat of a vehicle with TVB actress Jacqueline Wong, 30.

Dashcam footage shows the pair travelling home with an unnamed male friend.

Right after their friend got out of the car, Andy and Jacqueline clasped their hands together and told the driver their next destination: her home.

The actress is later seen taking off her mask and leaning over to kiss and hug Andy throughout the rest of the journey.

Photo: Instagram/Jacqueline Wong

The footage is believed to be filmed on April 3, as the pair are wearing the same clothes when they attended the birthday celebrations of a mutual friend.

Married for five years, Andy and Sammi have mostly kept a low profile on their relationship.

A quick check on Instagram revealed an interesting sight -- you're more likely to see Jacqueline on Andy's feed than his own wife.

Photo: Instagram/Andy Hui

On social media, there were signs of a budding relationship between the two -- or at least admiration on Jacqueline's part. Andy has appeared in a number of her IG snaps in recent months. He also celebrated her 30th birthday on Jan 23.

Photo: Instagram/Jacqueline Wong

Andy, however, was careful to maintain his distance from Jacqueline whenever they appeared in public view, a source close to the singer-actor told Apple Daily Hong Kong.

To add to the controversy, this is a case of double cheating -- the actress has been dating fellow TVB actor Kenneth Ma with marriage in mind since 2017.

Kenneth Ma and Jacqueline WongPhoto: Instagram/Jacqueline Wong

All the parties involved have yet to address media queries, according to Hong Kong reports, but Andy will be holding a press conference at 7pm today.

How will this love 'square' end?

Photo: Instagram/Jacqueline Wong