Audience shocked to see Jackie Chan hobbled by old injury

PHOTO: Instagram/jackiechan

Action superstar Jackie Chan appeared rather worse for the wear at a recent New Year's Day event, owing to the recurrence of a lumbar injury.

Clad in a grey tracksuit, the 66-year-old Hong Kong actor had to lean on the shoulders of two people while making an entrance to a screening of animated film Wish Dragon.

His surprise appearance, as well as his slow and laborious movements, shocked the audience at the event in Beijing.

Even though he was not able to stand for long, he was clearly delighted to be there to say hello to the children present.

Notorious for not using stunt doubles in his action flicks in his decades in show business, Chan has been injured far too many times to list.

GIF: Weibo/魚樂壹周刊

The daredevil's most serious and life-threatening injury happened in Armour Of God (1986), when he fell straight onto his back while leaping from a cliff onto a tree.

The impact drove a piece of bone into his brain, causing him to bleed profusely from the ear.

He is no stranger to sustaining injuries while on set, but fortunately, his latest movie is completely accident-free.

He lends his voice to Wish Dragon, a Chinese-American venture, and is also one of its producers.

While he voices the dragon in the Mandarin version, American actor John Cho will voice the English version.

To be released on Jan 15 in China and June 4 in North America, the movie is a retelling of the classic tale of the genie in the bottle, set in modern-day China.

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