Autism awareness movie Guang sweeps 4 awards at 30th Malaysia Film Festival

Autism awareness movie Guang sweeps 4 awards at 30th Malaysia Film Festival
PHOTO: MM2 Entertainment

Malaysian film Guang emerged the biggest winner among Chinese-language movies at the 30th Malaysia Film Festival.

Nominated in nine categories, it took home four awards at Saturday's (March 30) ceremony.

Lead actor Kyo Chen, who plays the eponymous Guang, won Best New Male Actor while director Quek Shio Chuan took home the Best New Director prize. 

The wins represented a homecoming for the Malaysian director, after the film had won multiple awards on the international film circuit.

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The movie is based on a 2011 short film of the same name by Quek, whose own brother is autistic. 


Guang sheds light on an autistic man searching for a job, but who secretly possesses a talent for music. 

Speaking of his win, Quek shared, "It was already a strong affirmation to be nominated so to win this award is a big honour for me. I hope to continue shooting more great local movies."

The festival's biggest winner was Malay-language film One Two Jaga, which swept six awards.

Guang is still showing in Singapore cinemas.

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Check out more photos of the winners here: 

Best New Actor, Kyo Chen. Photo: MM2 Entertainment 
Best New Director, Quek Shio Chuan.Photo: MM2 Entertainment
Best Art Direction, Chan Hsien Yu.Photo: MM2 Entertainment
Best Cinematography, Yeong Tuck Wei.Photo: MM2 Entertainment

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