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Bacterial infection gave ex-DJ Dongfang Billy a belly so swollen that he looked pregnant

Bacterial infection gave ex-DJ Dongfang Billy a belly so swollen that he looked pregnant
PHOTO: Shin Min Daily News

If there's one thing we should all know, it's that we should never take our health for granted. But even the best of us can get hit by viral infections, despite the precautions we take.

Health advocate and fitness guru Billy Wang, better known as Dongfang Billy, recently revealed that he got a bacterial infection in October.

His entire body was swollen because of water retention caused by the infection, and his belly bulge was so serious that he looked like he was pregnant.

It came as a surprise as the former Love 972 radio jock is known to be mindful of his health. Over the past 16 or 17 years, he has been a health advocate, teaching stretching exercises that help reduce fat and strengthen muscles.

Hence, he did not expect to fall sick the way he did two months ago. The 56-year-old was shocked to find himself exhausted and even discovered "white faeces" in his excrement. His stomach also ballooned in size.

Billy said to Shin Min Daily News: "Don't ever think that if you take care of your health regularly, you won't have any diseases. You must be careful in everything." 

With the coronavirus situation in Singapore, he did not dare to take any chances. Though he was due to celebrate his birthday the next day, Billy went to see a doctor for his condition as he did not want it to worsen.

He was then diagnosed with a bacterial infection, which was caused by an issue with his liver detoxification system. Billy also gained weight during this period. 

"My body suddenly swelled by 5kg. The water retention in my thighs was so bad that the doctor could squeeze out the water with just a little bit of pressure," he shared.

Thanks to the medical care he received, Billy managed to lose the excess water in less than 10 days.

This latest bout of illness is not the only health issue that Billy has experienced over the years. He was diagnosed with leukaemia in 1993 and flew to the United States for his first bone marrow transplant.

In 2008, he suffered a relapse and had to undergo the high-risk operation a second time, which changed his blood typed from A to O.

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