Batman and Wonder Woman to the rescue of storm-battered Puerto Rico


NEW YORK - Comic book superheroes are coming to the rescue of hurricane-ravaged Puerto Rico.

There's Batman, and Wonder Woman, of course, and also a Puerto Rican-inspired female hero named La Borinquena. Their mission is to help reconstruct the US island territory wrecked by Hurricane Maria six months ago.

The 200-page book - entitled Ricanstruction: Reminiscing & Rebuilding Puerto Rico - will be launched in May at Puerto Rico Comic Con, said the creator of La Borinquena and coordinator of the comic book, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez.

Photo: AFP

All the proceeds from sales will go towards buying supplies for people on the island, such as flashlights. To this day, 30 per cent of the island's electrical grid is still down.

"These are all traditional superhero stories. But they are not fighting villains in any of them. They are helping people on the island, bringing food and water and rescuing animals," Miranda-Rodriguez said.

He got permission from DC Comics to use its characters for free.

The cover features La Borinquena and Wonder Woman holding the Puerto Rican flag.

Photo: AFP

In one of the stories, these two heroes team up to save an endangered species - a parrot called the Puerto Rican amazon - few of which survived the storm.

The administration of President Donald Trump drew stinging criticism for what was seen as its slow response to the hurricane.