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Baymax! review: Warm, light-hearted, and way too short

Baymax! review: Warm, light-hearted, and way too short
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From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes Baymax!, a six-episode mini-series set after the events of 2014's Big Hero 6.

The series returns us to the city of San Fransokyo, an alternate version of San Francisco overlaid with Japanese influences. 

Scott Adsit, Ryan Potter, and Maya Rudolph lend their voices once again to Baymax, Hiro, and Cass, a nostalgic callback to the original film.

However, this time there is no grave threat that our heroes have to battle against. Instead, Baymax is hard at work around the city, helping people as the affable, inflatable healthcare companion that he is.

Each episode is only ten minutes long, but they all tell a heartwarming story of how Baymax applies his very scientific and methodical approach to help various people in the throes of a minor health crisis, often to hilarious effect.

From Cass's sprained ankle to Mbita's fish allergy and even an adorable kitten's unfortunate AirPods mishap, the giant balloon man is always on hand to help.

His approach is gentle yet firm and unrelenting - he knows what's best for these hapless humans and absolutely nothing will deter him.

Baymax has to deal with more than one recalcitrant patient who simply refuses medical care, but he perseveres in the face of all odds, and they always come around.

It is difficult not to love Baymax for how oblivious he is to his patients' fear of confronting their situation - and his childlike earnestness and unadulterated desire to simply offer help and relief make for a supremely lighthearted watch.

No matter how prickly his patients get and how many times they rebuff him, Baymax remains unruffled, determined to do right by the city's residents.

While each episode is incredibly short, they're shot lovingly and creatively, cleverly evoking various genre tropes. The way Baymax catches Kiko's needle is plucked straight out of kung fu movies, while the thrilling car chase scene involving Mbita is right out of an action film.

And as Baymax corners hungry cat Yachi in a warehouse in an attempt to treat him, he latches the door and calls out to him in a manner that will remind anyone of slasher flicks involving machete-wielding psychos.

Throughout all six episodes, Baymax treats a diverse cast of patients, spanning all walks of life and ages.  However, while each episode is technically a standalone story, they eventually come together to triumphant effect in the series finale.

Baymax! is the ultimate feel-good series, a perfect watch for the whole family. There isn't a lot to unpack in the series, given its length, but that's the beauty of it.

You don't have to think too hard or too much - all you have to do is watch Baymax wobble around town and take care of people. Deep down, we all wish we had a Baymax in our lives, able to diagnose what ails us with a simple scan and always ready with a remedy.

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