Best boss award? Tony Leung Ka-Fai drove his helper to the hospital every day after she was diagnosed with cancer

Tony Leung Ka-Fai (L), his helper Delia and his wife (R).
PHOTO: Instagram/ nikkiechleung

You probably wouldn't think twice about helping a family member struck down by a serious illness. After all, they're family. 

But will you extend the same graciousness to domestic helpers who are not related to you by blood? 

For Hong Kong screen legend Tony Leung Ka-Fai, the answer is a resounding yes, evident in Instagram posts by his 27-year-old twin daughters Chloe and Nikkie Leung. 

In mid-November, the Leung family received terrible news that their long-time helper of 30 years, Delia, was diagnosed with stage 2B cervical cancer and had a tumour measuring 7cm growing inside her. 

Nikkie, who proclaimed that Delia was her rock, her family and her "dad's best friend" recounted how the family rallied together and ensured she received the best of care. 

According to both their posts, 61-year-old Tony and his wife, Jiang Jia-Nian, would drive them to the hospital everyday without fail, sitting in on doctor appointments and chemotheraphy treatments to ensure that everything went smoothly. 

Photo: Instagram/ chloe_leungoe

After three months of daily radiation therapy, weekly chemotherapy, four times of internal radiation done under full anesthesia and a change in diet, the twins celebrated news that their helper was cancer-free, providing encouragement to others who are also battling cancer. 

"Its been a very emotional, tiring and hectic few months. But we are so blessed and thankful. Thank you Delia for staying so strong and positive, and thank you for sticking to your tough, bland, red meat free, sugarfree and carb free diet(keto diet), for taking your supplements, for drinking your baking soda molasses, and hemp oil(even when it tastes sooo bad)," Chloe wrote.

"Jie jie you are one the strongest women I know. Through everything you’ve been so strong, so positive, cheering everyone up. Early mornings at the hospital even on Christmas Day, New Years , your birthday...You never gave up, still with a big big smile! I love you so much," says the caption in Nikkie's post. 

The bond between Delia and the girls is undeniably strong, seeing as she has been caring for them since they were born. 

Photo: Instagram/ chloe_leungoe

Delia and her sister Elsa are even featured frequently in family photos posted on the girls' Instagram accounts. 

Photo: Instagram/ chloe_leungoe

Tony Leung is one of Hong Kong's most recognisable film stars, with nearly 150 films made in a career that has spanned over 35 years.

Titles the semi-retired actor has been in include Ringo Lam's Prison on Fire, Stanley Kwan's Centre Stage, Johnnie To's Election and Wong Kar-Wai's Ashes of Time. 

He has been awarded the best actor prize at the Hong Kong Film awards in each of the last four decades – for Reign Behind a Curtain in 1983, The Legendary la Rose Noire in 1992, Election in 2005 and Cold War in 2012.

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