Billie Eilish calls for security during Singapore concert, fan pays $130 but barely sees the stage

Billie Eilish performed to a crowd of 30,000 at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on Aug 21, 2022.
PHOTO: Facebook/Live Nation SG

Billie Eilish performed to a crowd of 30,000 at the Singapore National Stadium last night (Aug 21) to much excitement from fans.

While performing the song Halley’s Comet, however, Billie, 20, unexpectedly called for security and one concert-goer with the TikTok user name of tihoney took to the platform to ask others why.

Users replied that fans were fainting due to the intense crowd and lack of breathing space.

A comment also posited that, since some fans had queued up since 5am in order to be closer to the stage in the standing sections, they could have been exhausted from the day’s heat.

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok

One user wrote that a girl fainted right next to them during the song. Another commented that the environment was “suffocating” and that they managed to avoid passing out by "splashing my face with water".

In another TikTok video, user lukeypham98 wrote: 'Somebody fainted in the crowd at Billie Eilish’s concert and she called security for us." In the clip, fans could be heard shouting for help and asking others to "pass the message" that someone had fainted.

One user was amused that Billie had become a "highly paid lifeguard". However, other users explained why getting Billie’s attention was so important in the situation, with one comment reading: "Because without her help, the person who had fainted couldn’t leave the crowd. It’s a no-exit thing."

PHOTO: Screengrab/TikTok

Billie has been praised in the past for pausing concerts to check on her fans’ well-being and passing out water bottles. She even asked security to retrieve an inhaler for a fan at a show in Atlanta, US. 

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Unfortunately, that was not the only issue fans had during the Singapore show. 

One concert-goer took to TikTok to bemoan that she had a restricted view of the stage. 

In the clip captioned "I was literally depressed on the way home", she said she was aware Billie would be "far away" because she was buying a ticket in the last Category 7 costing $130.

However, she didn’t expect to get a partially obstructed view as there was no note indicating so when she bought her ticket. Her seat was in the extreme top corner on stage left.

"There was quite a lot of depth to the stage and we could not see at all, and we did not know that the stage would be covered at the sides," she said.

"Once she went [further upstage], the screen [on stage left] turned off and we didn’t know what was going on inside."

She also noted in a follow-up video that the distance between the standing and seated sections was so huge that seated fans were not able to "feel the energy" of the concert.

Still, many took to social media to share their positive experiences. For some, Billie’s concert was their first performance since the pandemic started.

"I couldn’t ask for a better first concert in three years," a fan wrote.

PHOTO: Screengrab/Twitter