Billionaire Richard Li's ex Isabella Leong sheds tears on Chinese talkshow

PHOTO: YouTube screengrab

Hong Kong actress Isabella Leong is back in the limelight after making her return to showbiz.

The 30-year-old former model is probably most well known for being the ex-girlfriend of Hong Kong businessman Richard Li, the younger son of billionaire Li Ka-Shing.

Leong was 20 and Li, 41, when they met in 2008. 

The pair split up in 2011, but not before she gave birth to three boys with Li during their three-year relationship. At the time, entertainment rags sniped that Leong had tried but ultimately failed in her bid to marry into wealth.

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The actress recently made an appearance on Chinese talk show 'I Can I Bibi', appearing alongside veteran Taiwanese host Kevin Tsai.

In a succinct 15-word self-introduction, she said: "I'm someone who made a choice and didn't look back".

Admitting that becoming a mum at 21 was earlier than she'd expected, Leong said, however, that having kids with a man she loved is "worth it".

Her stance was just as unwavering when it came to the topic of infidelity.

The host of the show broached the topic of whether a woman should tolerate her husband having an affair, and Leong's response was a firm "no", adding: "This kind of man is not worth keeping".

When a fellow panellist replied that it was "still acceptable", Leong agitatedly raised a finger at him and scolded, "You're a bad man!"

Usually reticent when it comes to her love life, Leong surprised viewers when she shed tears on the show while listening to participants share their views on love and marriage.

Leong said that their words "pricked my heart".