Bling Empire's Kevin might lose his fancy new apartment if 'this year doesn't go so well'

With the return of Bling Empire — one of Netflix's most popular reality TV shows — we're once again thrust into the lives of the crazy rich Asians in LA.

However, not all is well in 'Blingtown', Los Angeles, and breakout star (and cast member) Kevin Kreider levelled with AsiaOne about his life post-Bling Empire season one and his financial status.

Spoiler alert — it's not as comfy as you might think.

In an E-Junkies interview last week, Kevin, 38, openly confessed that his net worth is still a far cry from the US$10 million (S$13.8 million) that was erroneously reported when Bling Empire first aired. He clarified to E! News at that time that it was a "future prediction".

When we checked in with him on how far he was from his prediction, he said: "Yeah, I actually have less. Okay, I get a lot of free s***, which is cool, don't get me wrong.

"But it'd be nice to get more brand deals or to do more things — bigger movies even or bigger tv shows... or have my businesses excel... Look, I am doing better. That's undeniable, right? It's just that that $10 million, man. That'd be nice if I can make that rumour come true."

He added that he's still working towards it but "it's nowhere even close to being it".

"To be real, I was even talking to a friend of mine. I was like, 'Damn dude, if this year doesn't go so well, like, I'm gonna have to downgrade.' Like, it's just how it goes. I don't have that financial cushion like a lot of people do."

As for where his money goes, he shared that he has "put a lot of investments" into his businesses that will launch soon and he's hoping that "this pans out pretty well to my $10 million journey".

Might run out of savings by end of year

And he's not kidding when he said he might have to "downgrade" because even his fancy new apartment might not be a certainty.

Yes, Kevin finally got out of a rental and into his own apartment — which was shown in a couple of scenes in season two — but he confessed that it might not be sustainable.

"I made less the first five months [this year] — it's May — than I have in a long time," he stressed.

He added: "I'm being serious. Like, it was actually kind of scary. I don't mean to make this a downer, but it's like, at this rate, I'll definitely be out of any type of savings [or] financial cushion by the end of this year.

"And I'm just like, 'Wow, this got real serious, real fast.' And I'm not a lavish spender... So if things don't go so well, and things move very slowly, this apartment that you see in season two, I'm going to have to downgrade for sure. Like, it's just not sustainable."

For the full interview, including his thoughts on Kane and Kim, catch the latest episode of E-Junkies here.

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