BTS' Suga: K-Pop is more than music

BTS star Suga believes K-Pop incorporates more than just music.

The Korean singer insists the term transcends their songs and is more of a reflection of the entire culture that surrounds his group and also includes factors such as dance moves and outfits.

Speaking in a Q & A session at the Grammy Museum, he said: "I'm a little careful to talk about K-Pop as a genre because I don't want to be defining K-Pop as a genre.

"I'm a little bit wary of that but I think rather than approach K-Pop as a genre, a better approach would be 'integrated content.'

"K-pop includes not just the music, but the clothes, the make-up, the choreography...all these elements I think sort of amalgamate together in a visual and auditory content package, that I think sets it apart from other music or maybe other genres so again, as I said, rather than approach K-Pop as it's own genre I think approaching it as this integration of different content would be better."

Meanwhile, the 'Run' group recently admitted they are too busy to look for love and don't think their schedules make them appealing boyfriends to have.

Suga said: "If you lived in our shoes, you'd quickly understand. We just don't have any time. Like today. We're going to finish in the early hours and start out again early in the morning."

Jimin added: "We don't have time to see our own families, to be honest. We don't have a normal pattern of life. Even if we were to date, I don't think that you could call it real dating.

"I don't think anyone would want to date us."