Buckle Up: Felicia Chin surprised Jeffrey Xu in Shanghai but it turned out disastrous

Benjamin Franklin once said there were only two things that were certain in life - death and taxes.

He forgot to include Murphy's law.

In this week's episode of Buckle Up, celebrity couple Felicia Chin and Jeffrey Xu shared about a surprise that went awry.

Jeffrey, 30, said: "I returned to Shanghai to celebrate the Lunar New Year and she (Felicia) booked a flight without my knowledge.

"It was a huge surprise but because she was not used to the environment and food there, she was hospitalised that night."

"That was so dramatic," Felicia, 34, exclaimed with a sigh.

But her woes didn't end there because the couple missed their flight home as Jeffrey wasn't paying attention to the final boarding call.

While waiting for the flight, Felicia and Jeffrey hunkered down in a cafe with some books. As she was still sick, she took a nap and Jeffrey was supposed to wake her once they started boarding the flight.

Jeffrey recounted: "We waited for a very long time and I even read half the book. I thought to myself, 'Why have they not called my name?'

PHOTO: AsiaOne

"But I thought I heard them say 'Felicia' and I thought it was strange."

Fret not, though, because unlike Tom Hanks in The Terminal, they managed to get a flight home later that evening.

The actor said: "Thinking about it now, it feels like an unfortunate event, but it was actually romantic."


It's been three years since Felicia and Jeffrey announced that they were an item but it's clear their passion for each other still burns steadily.

Shockingly, unlike a lot of couples, travelling has very little to do with keeping the romance alive.

PHOTO: AsiaOne

Jeffrey revealed that the couple has yet to plan a trip together despite dating for three years and we can't even.

It's the little things that mean the most for them.

Felicia said: "For example, he knows I love chilli padi and if he buys me ban mian, he will remember to get me some."


Perhaps another secret to their successful relationship is their open communication and willingness to forgive.

Both confessed that they rarely give each other the cold shoulder during arguments.

"It doesn't matter who's in the wrong, sometimes we will take the initiative to apologise. I believe that's what love is," Felicia admitted.

PHOTO: AsiaOne

The actress revealed that love also means buying Jeffrey's favourite food and surprising him at his place.

Jeffrey added: "She (Felicia) has always been nice and forgiving. Once I see her at my door, I will be touched, firstly, then I will apologise."


When asked if they'll let their partners know if they'll be shooting any intimate scenes with other stars, both said they will.

Felicia can be seen in the Channel 8 drama Old is Gold (which airs every weekday at 7.30pm) while Jeffrey is playing an executive producer on the Channel 8 drama My One in a Million (every weekday at 9pm).

Felicia clarified: "I would tell him at the right time because I wouldn't want to affect him. But I would rather not watch those scenes of you and another woman. I would skip those scenes."

But there was one acting partner of Felicia's that Jeffrey approved of - Pierre Png.

WHAT? Pierre Png? PHOTO: AsiaOne

When she told Jeffrey that she would be having intimate scenes with Pierre on Dear Neighbours because they played a married couple, Jeffrey had no qualms about it.

The series concluded its run earlier this year.

"I only approve of Pierre Png. Why? He's handsome and he's charming. I can't resist him too," Jeffrey gushed.

He added seriously: "I trust him. We are all great actors and everyone is trying their best."

Indeed, in Pierre we trust.

If you would like to find out more about the shenanigans and juicy deets that were revealed, don't forget to watch this week's episode of Buckle Up!

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