Can't see him on stage? Jay Chou holds concert for just his 2 children in Shanghai arena

A singer can be lost among a big team of backup dancers on stage, and there are other distractions like fancy lighting and elaborate stage props.

Often, the view is blocked by other concert-goers.

Which explains why Jay Chou's two kids - Hathaway, four, and Romeo, two - turned to their mother to ask where the Mandopop superstar was, in his Shanghai concert over the weekend.

Chou, 40, who is known for giving his all in his concerts, decided not to let down these two young fans.

"The next day, the 'magician' dad showed up in front of them in a concert that was meant only for them," his wife, actress-model Hannah Quinlivan, 26, posted.

Chou posted photographs of that special treat - complete with eye-popping costumes, dramatic stage lighting and energetic dancers - for just his two kids in an otherwise empty arena.

It is not known how long the showcase lasted but Quinlivan posted that Chou will now become "more popular at home".

In his caption for the photos, Chou said his shows are also a platform to share his musical passion with his family.

He thanked "all the crew and performers from his new tour who took the afternoon off to execute a dedicated show for just Hathaway and Romeo".

The treat also came in handy for Chou to burn off more calories, with recent photos showing him not in the best of physical shape. Fans have attributed that to his liking for bubble tea.

As his two kids grow older, he and his wife have started to take them along on overseas trips, with Quinlivan recently posting pictures of Romeo taking photos of exhibits in a museum in France.

But she is still not comfortable putting up photos that reveal the faces of her two children.

In a previous interview, she said she is fine with losing her identity, with people calling her Chou's wife, since she made the choice to marry him in 2015.

But she feels that Hathaway and Romeo did not choose to be children of celebrities and should not be identified and tagged as Chou's son or Quinlivan's daughter.

Still, there is reward for being the wife of a superstar, with Chou plugging her upcoming movie Skyfire in the Shanghai concerts.

Chou is slated to perform two shows in Singapore in January.

This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.