Cecilia Cheung and family allegedly removed from plane after argument

PHOTO: Screengrab/Internet, Instagram/cecilia_pakchi_cheung

Hong Kong singer-actress Cecilia Cheung and her family were reportedly removed from a flight recently, according to an Apple Daily reader. The reason? She argued with an air stewardess about blocking the plane aisle right before take-off.

The 39-year-old, who was on vacation in Koh Samui with her younger brother and her three sons, was set to be on a flight back to Hong Kong on March 9. In a video taken by the reader, she was seen standing in the middle of the business class aisle, carrying one-year-old Marcus and coaxing him to sleep.

An air stewardess approached her and asked her to take her seat, adding that she was blocking the way. An argument between the two occurred and it reportedly got Cecilia escorted off the flight.

"Many security guards were brought on board. After squabbling for almost an hour, Cecilia and her entire family, including two helpers, three children, and her brother, finally disembarked," the reader claimed.

The flight, which was supposed to take off at 6.25pm (local time), reportedly took off at 7.03pm. According to the reader, the other passengers were unhappy about the delay and "everyone wished that Cecilia would just hurry up and get off the plane".

The reader also explained that Cecilia probably didn't intend to block the aisle, but her actions might have been slower as she was carrying her son. She was then unhappy that the air stewardess rushed her to take her seat.

After the fiasco, Cecilia and her family were eventually escorted off the plane by security guards. She appeared to be calm and the group got on another flight later that day, Apple Daily reported.