Celebrities Ella Chen, Angelababy dish tips on kissing and making up in their relationships

Celebrities Ella Chen, Angelababy dish tips on kissing and making up in their relationships

Let's face it, relationships aren't easy.

Every couple has their disagreements, whether it manifests as an explosive argument or a cold war. Even the most enviable celebrity couples such as S.H.E's Ella Chen and Alvin Lai aren't strangers to having a row.

Yet, what is the secret that keeps all these couples going strong despite the turbulence?

For most of us, we could definitely use a tip or two to achieve our own #couplegoals.

Here, we take a peek at some of our most beloved Chinese celebrity lovebirds and uncover the secrets of how they stay married.



With Alvin managing Ella's label, the line between work and personal life blurs for them. Especially with Ella's fiery attitude, the couple finds it difficult to draw boundaries and often land themselves in arguments.

In a recent episode of Chinese talkshow, Rock and Roast 2, Ella shared about having "cold wars" with her husband. While she tends to "treat Alvin as though he's invisible", Alvin is the type who'd refuse to drop any argument.

Ella laughed as she explained how he'd insist on settling the disagreement immediately, going as far as to "grab her" to finish the conversation.

Rather than let negativity fester between them, Alvin prefers to have them clarify whatever misunderstanding they might have and resolve it so that it wouldn't happen again.

As a mother, Ella added that it's important to properly resolve disagreements, as the one to suffer the most when a couple quarrels is their child.



An extremely affectionate couple, the host-singer duo have never been shy when it comes to professing their love for each other. In fact, Xie Na has been criticised several times for mentioning husband Zhang Jie too often.

The pair currently star in Viva la Romance, a reality show featuring married celebrity couples. In a car ride among the wives, Xie Na suddenly asks the rest if it was possible for anyone to stop being angry at the drop of a hat.

Turns out that when Xie Na's in full-on rage mode, Zhang Jie would tell her: "I feel like this situation has already passed, let's flip the page and not talk about this anymore. Come, smile for me."

The last line would leave her feeling incredulous, Xie Na explained, yet it somehow seems to work like a charm every time.



Ever since their marriage in 2015, the actors have been the target of multiple allegations about their rumoured divorce.

Despite all that, the pair have proven naysayers wrong so far. But just like any normal married couple, the two have admitted to having their fair share of arguments too.

In an episode of Happy Camp, Huang Xiaoming confessed that in order to prevent their arguments from escalating, he'd always be the first to apologise regardless of whoever was right or wrong.

However, when asked if he knows why he was wrong, the actor would just keep mum with a puzzled look on his face, shared Angelababy.

While she understands that it's her husband's way of pacifying her, it ultimately works to quell her anger as his silence leaves her too dumbfounded to continue.

It's almost surprising how simple some of their solutions are. 

With these tips, perhaps achieving celebrity #couplegoals won't be too difficult after all?


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