Check out Singapore's top female comedian Sharul Channa's new show on Zoom

PHOTO: Her World Online

To uplift your spirits, our favourite female comedian is bringing her new show to you, via Zoom (yes, you heard right). Earlier this year, Sharul Channa partnered with Aware Singapore for her show – Am I Old?

The show is based on Aware’s research report (Make Care Count) on caregiving and ageing in Singapore. 

On the upcoming three-day show from April 18, Sharul says: “Singapore has an ageing population and everyone is going to grow old and/or taking care of an elderly parent at some point in their lives. It’s a tough topic to come to terms with so I’m using this show to educate and entertain.”

PHOTO: Her World Online

She’s also addressing current needs. “Because of Covid-19, Aware is offering to assist caregivers in setting up the Zoom application for their elderly parents if they need,” says the 33-year-old.

“Just because it’s much easier to communicate using digital technology. We want elderly folks to be engaged digitally since they can’t leave their homes.”

The show revolves around Savitri, a 68-year-old retired school teacher who tries stand-up comedy for the first time.

With her PAssion Card and Pioneer Generation Package, Savitri delivers heartfelt emotions on being a caregiver, and punchlines about coming to terms with age. 

With Sharul’s quick wit and loud humour, Am I Old? promises to be the highlight of your week.

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“The virtual version will have more relevant jokes like the importance of wearing a mask and washing hands,” she says. 

Each performance will be followed by a panel discussion with a caregiver, a representative from Aware and others. 

To get you in the mood for some good old local comedy, here’s a line from the show: “So much pressure for 50-year olds to dance like J. Lo after the Super Bowl…at that age, only my pee was Jellow (Yellow).”

The show has a pay-what-you-can policy so click here to register. 

Tune in on April 18 (11.30am), April 22 (6.30pm) and April 24 (6.30pm).

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This article was first published in Her World Online.