Chen Hanwei explains 9-people birthday party did not break Covid-19 rules

Actor Chen Hanwei had been questioned by netizens after he posted a group photo on Sept 10 with nine people.
PHOTO: Instagram/chenhanwei1969

SINGAPORE - Actor Chen Hanwei, who turned 52 on Aug 29, has clarified that his birthday party did not break any Covid-19 rules.

He had been questioned by netizens after he posted a group photo on Friday (Sept 10) with nine people.

One commenter wrote: "Has government allowed more than five visitors? Doesn't seem to have happened yet, isn't it?"

While at first glance, there appeared to be too many people at the gathering, Chen quickly jumped in to clarify that former actress Yvonne Lim was the host, together with her husband and two children.

There were exactly five guests - Chen and his actor pals Hong Huifang, Zheng Geping, Huang Biren and Shaun Chen - and no laws were broken.

Lim later also clarified that they had met up at her place to accommodate her family so that they could also join in the celebrations.

Back in May, actor Terence Cao was fined $3,500 over a 13-person birthday party held at his condominium unit during the pandemic in October 2020.

The high-profile case involved other actors such as Shane Pow, Dawn Yeoh, Julie Tan and Jeffrey Xu, who had posted an incriminating group photo of the gathering on his Instagram Stories.

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