Chinese zodiac forecast for 2019: Tiger

In many ways, the Tiger is one of the best animal signs for the year. But when we say good, good in what way? Well, there are three auspicious stars that shine on your destiny palace this year.

The first one is called The Moon, the second one is called the National Treasure, and the third is called the Grand Duke Combination. The Moon represents the ability to learn, it'sthe master mind of money, it has entrepreneurial business acumen. National Treasure is actually the star that represents two things. Number one a rising ranking, number two increase in income - but not necessarily in the form of a promotion. What this star basically means you first take on new responsibility, because National Treasure is a star that represents the Seal of Power. 

And the last one is called the Duke Combination. Duke Combination because the Tiger and Pig are actually a combination when it comes to BaZi. What this actually means is that it allows you to connect with people with authority and power because the Pig is The Grand Duke, which means people in charge, people with authority. So, if you're seeking for approval, you're seeking for a permit, you're seeking for a specific license, or sponsorship and/or certain type of work that you want, if you work hard on it, with the Duke Combination it's very likely that you will get this.

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