Christina Perri's baby will need surgery as soon as they're born

PHOTO: Twitter/christinaperri

Christina Perri was rushed to hospital recently after experiencing complications with her current pregnancy, and has now revealed her tot has an issue with their "intestines" that will need immediate surgery once Christina goes into labour.

Updating her fans on Instagram, Christina said: "There's a lot more that we have to be cautious of. Baby could come at any moment. Basically, there's a complication with the baby's intestines. The baby right now is scheduled to have an operation when they arrive. We'll spend some time in the hospital.

"We're going to prepare for [the NICU], but anything could happen. We're just gonna stay really hopeful. I guess the biggest thing is we hope the baby stays inside and can get as big as possible before this big event they have to go through. It's just a couple more weeks, so I'm gonna try to take it easy and hope for the best."

The 34-year-old singer - who already has two-year-old daughter Carmella with her husband Paul Costabile - revealed this week she had been hospitalised because her baby was "having an issue".

She wrote on social media at the time: "Hey friends. Well, nothing ever goes as we plan. Baby is having an issue, so I'm gonna be here till it's time for baby to come out. Which might have to be very soon. Which is very early.

"Please send some love from your heart to the little heart beating in me that we all make it through this. I'm grateful for doctors and nurses and will do whatever they suggest we do."

Christina's health scare comes after she suffered a devastating miscarriage in January.

She said of her miscarriage at the time: "Today I had a miscarriage. Baby was 11 weeks old at the time. We are shocked and completely heartbroken. We were only one week away from sharing the news so I feel like it's also important to share this news, too. I want to continue to help change the story and stigma around miscarriage, secrecy and shame.

"I am so sad but not ashamed. I am ever reminded how amazing and powerful women are at making life and at healing. To all the mothers who have been here and who will be here, I see you and I love you. I am so sad but not discouraged. When the time feels right we will try again, but today, we mourn our little life lost."