Christopher Lee, Fann Wong mark wedding anniversary on social media

The couple posted the same photos on their social media accounts to mark the occasion.
PHOTO: Instagram/ainainbaby

SINGAPORE - Local power couple Fann Wong and Christopher Lee celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary with flowers and kisses.

The couple, both 49, married on Sept 29, 2009 in a glitzy ceremony at the Shangri-La Hotel. They posted the same photos on Tuesday (Sept 29) on their social media accounts to mark the occasion.

In one of these photos, Fann is holding a bouquet of roses. She and Lee are each holding up one finger in another photo to symbolise the 11 years that they have been married.

In several of the photos, Lee turns his face to kiss his wife on the cheek.

Fann wrote on her Instagram, addressing her husband directly: "11 years is neither long nor short, I'm still kept so fair because of you while you still...(please fill this in yourself). Please don't slim down on a whim, I'm afraid I won't recognise you."

Lee wrote: "Baby, happy 11th anniversary! If ten years is one stage, then this year is like our first year all over again! Definitely still newlyweds! I hope we can forever be like newlyweds."

The couple, who acted as lovebirds onscreen in series such as The Return Of The Condor Heroes (1998), dated for nine years before tying the knot.

They have a son Zed, who is six.

This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.