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Coco Lee reveals 25 years of dancing was against doctor's advice

Coco Lee reveals 25 years of dancing was against doctor's advice

Think Coco Lee and we probably recall energetic dance tunes matched by her electrifying moves.

It turned out, if the Hong Kong-born American entertainer had followed the doctor's advice, we would have a very different version of her today.

Coco revealed to the media after wrapping up her You & I concert world tour in Taipei last Friday (June 21) that the slight limp people have noticed over the years has a reason behind it.

Her left leg was dislocated at birth when doctors pulled her out of her mother. A surgery when she was two did not improve the situation.

Due to the misalignment of her bones, doctors warned Coco not to dance professionally.

Showing the scars on the leg, the 44-year-old said, "I love to dance. You can't let others tell you what you can or cannot do. Why is he the one to decide what I can or cannot do?"

Whenever people commented on her gait or posture, she would feign injury, despite crying later from the lies, she confessed.


Since debuting in 1993, dancing was usually painful, as was wearing high-heeled shoes.

"Even when sitting on a chair, it felt like my bones were grinding together."

She added, "It's actually a challenge to even walk every day. But I can take it. Nothing in life is too hard!"

Coco also revealed she consulted doctors again recently and has to undergo hip replacement surgery.

During the concert, Coco became emotional when addressing the fans.

"I am someone who doesn't like to cry, but I now get moved easily. Maybe it's my age!"

"It's hard for a singer to keep singing till this day. I don't know how long more I'll have this voice, but I want to keep singing."

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