Craig David says he has 'super psychic' abilities, can communicate with people from the past

PHOTO: Instagram/Craig David

Craig David says he has "super psychic" abilities.

The 41-year-old pop star claimed that he was initially very much "in the closet" about his alleged powers but now feels "liberated" enough to reveal that he can see into the future.

He said: "I'm super empathic, super sensitive and super psychic, which I feel very liberated to say now. I was a bit in the closet about being psychic.

"But I'm very clairvoyant and I can see things in the future."

The 7 Days hitmaker also went on to claim that he is "clairaudient", which means that he can communicate with people from the past as he explained that he has spoken to his ancestors.

Speaking on the Happy Place podcast, he told host Fearne Cotton: "I'm clairaudient. My ears ring off like crazy and I know there's a guide or some ancestor trying to come through – and tuning in."

Meanwhile, Craig recently released the album 22 in celebration of his 22-year career and insisted that chasing hits is not on his agenda because a song doesn't have to be number one to be timeless.

He said: "What I now see as a quote-unquote 'hit record' is different. Before it was like, 'Okay, how many physical sales have you got? And where are you in the charts? And are you on Top of the Pops?'

"That's moved into a phase of streaming and YouTube and you've got airplay and it's all bundled into something that gives you a chart position. Then there's the official chart show. And still counting sales on physical. So, what does it mean?

"And, over my career, I've seen that I will sing a song like What's Your Flava? and the crowd will know every single word. And that went in at number eight, so it doesn't have the number one hit narrative."

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