On Crazy Rich Asians red carpet, errors in the backdrop turn Singapore into 'Sincapore'

On Crazy Rich Asians red carpet, errors in the backdrop turn Singapore into 'Sincapore'

SINGAPORE - As Singaporean actors made their glamorous debut on the Hollywood red carpet for upcoming movie Crazy Rich Asians earlier this week, something marred the event: errors in Singapore's tourism logo on the backdrop.

In photos that have now circulated around the world, it is evident that there are at least two errors printed on the board situated just behind where the stars stop to pose for pictures.

Singapore on the sign looks like it is spelt with a C - thus reading "Sincapore" - while the word "possible" in the Lion City's tourism tagline Passion Made Possible is missing an "i".

The Straits Times has reached out to the Singapore Tourism Board for comment.


Movie fan Ms Sherlene Li, 39, who works as a human resource manager, felt that the errors were "embarrassing" for Singapore.

She said: "This is the one event where Singapore can really promote itself overseas, but it looks like we couldn't even spell Singapore correctly. It's terrible."

Crazy Rich Asians, which opens in Singapore cinemas on August 22, is based on the bestselling book by Singapore-born writer Kevin Kwan.

Centred on the romance between Rachel and Singapore's most eligible bachelor Nick Young, the story looks at the lives of the ultra-rich and famous here.


This article was first published in The Straits Times. Permission required for reproduction.

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