Cube Entertainment retracts decision to expel K-pop couple HyunA and E'Dawn

PHOTO: Cube Entertainment

[Update 14 Sept] K-pop couple HyunA and E'Dawn are here to stay, mere hours after Cube Entertainment said it was kicking them out of the agency.

Cube Entertainment CEO Shin Dae-nam halted the expulsion, saying that the company will hold a board meeting next week to discuss the artists' future, The Korea Herald reported.

He added in the statement: "The opinions of the artists are also important, so it needs to be handled carefully."

News of the couple being dropped from the agency elicited a huge backlash and caused the company's stock price on Thursday (Sept 13) to fall 6.57 per cent as compared to the previous day.

HyunA is a longtime K-pop star with a huge following. She has been active in girl group 4Minute from 2009-2016, co-ed Trouble Maker with label mate Hyunseung from 2011-2014, and joined Triple H in 2017.

E'Dawn is from 10-member K-pop boyband Pentagon which made its debut in 2016.


K-pop couple HyunA and E'Dawn has been dropped by Cube Entertainment.

The agency said on Thursday (Sept 13): "Cube Entertainment has decided to remove HyunA and E'Dawn (from the company)."

"After much discussion, we found that it is not possible to recover the faith with the two artists HyunA and E'Dawn, so their removal has been decided."

It's only been a month since HyunA, 26, admitted that she's been dating her 24-year-old Triple H groupmate

The former 4Minute member wrote in an Instagram post that they first met while he was a trainee and began a relationship in May 2016.

HyunA said that their relationship blossomed while making music together. E'Dawn also helped out with her album although he was not credited.

Cube Entertainment denied the dating rumours when they first surfaced in early August, and later came under fire for cancelling Triple H's promotions for their new album Retro Futurism, right after HyunA came clean about her relationship with E'Dawn.

Relationships have been known to break a K-pop idol's career, and trainees often have to sign contracts that have a no-dating clause.