Darren Lim and Evelyn Tan want to leave home and take to the seas once their kids grow up

PHOTO: Instagram/darrenlim72

Most parents would want to kick back and relax when their kids grow up, but for celebrity parents Darren Lim and Evelyn Tan, their adventures would begin then.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News recently, 48-year-old Darren revealed that he and his wife Evelyn plan to leave home and take to the seas once their kids become independent.

It's not a surprise, though, as Darren has been open about his love for the sea and even lived on his boat for four years with his family. He currently runs a yacht rental business.

He said: "Children will go through a rebellious period, and there will inevitably be a generation gap with their parents. Parents who insist on fitting in with their children are only making trouble for themselves and their relationship worse. We have to raise our kids, and let them have their own social circles and find their partners. That's also when we can retire and live our own lives."

Darren shared that he'll depart once the time is right, although it's unclear at what age he considers them to be independent. The couple has four kids — Kristen, 16, Jairus, 14, Way, 12, and eight-year-old Elliott.

But, he will return home two or three times a week to check in on them and make sure their needs are taken care of. He said: "Parents these days think they have to manage everything. Sometimes this takes away a kid's opportunity to learn."

When asked if Evelyn will be okay with letting go of the kids at the appropriate time, Darren replied: "In theory, she is. But as a mother, she is more nervous about it because in her heart, the kids never really grow up."

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Darren doesn't want to just face the four walls of his house and become a couch potato once he retires. He would rather go out to sea, roam the world, and extend a helping hand to those in need along the way. This way, his golden years will be fuller and more meaningful.

Forgetting anniversaries

He also told the Chinese daily that the couple don't really keep track of birthdays and anniversaries.

"We didn't care about it even when we were dating. Evelyn has never asked me to buy anything for her either," Darren shared.

Over the 17 years that they've been together, more than half the time, Darren needed to be reminded of his wedding anniversary by other people.

However, a week ago, after they made plans for their anniversary, Darren was suddenly called away to pilot the yacht. Evelyn then surprised him by joining as a crew member, which made him feel very touched.

That said, he confessed to being objective while on the yacht and if Evelyn makes a mistake, he will scold her. Even so, she understands him very well and doesn't complain.

Communication, he said, is the key to their blissful marriage. He added: "We discuss everything carefully. We rarely quarrel. We have the same goals and it's all for the family."

Losing business during Covid-19

When the Covid-19 pandemic occurred last year, Darren's yacht rental business took a hit. He said: "The monthly cost includes the $6,000 berthing fees as well the crew's expenses. When we were unable to operate for two-and-a-half months, our losses were as high as $30,000!"

He added: "I bought a boat back then to pursue my dream of going out to sea. Filming was my work and the boat was my life. I didn't expect that my interest could be transformed into a career and now, a business."

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Darren rents his yacht out for trips and in September last year, he was also offering six-hour trips to see a different side of the Lion City. During these trips, Darren would also personally cook for his passengers and can whip up different cuisines. He switches them around so there's always something new on the menu.

As for how he manages to learn them, he laughed and said: "Just watch YouTube and you can learn them, too!"