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Deadpool takes his first steps into the MCU for a reaction video with Korg

Deadpool takes his first steps into the MCU for a reaction video with Korg
PHOTO: Disney

A strange crossover, but it’ll do for now.

The latest bit of marketing material for Free Guy had its star Ryan Reynolds dust off his Deadpool suit and film a reaction video with an MCU twist.

This video firmly places the character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the first time, as it features both Deadpool and Korg - a returning character from Thor Ragnarok.

If you’re wondering why Deadpool and Korg have randomly gotten together to promote Free Guy, the answer is simple: both of their actors star in the film. Ryan Reynolds plays both Deadpool and Free Guy’s Guy, while Taika Waititi plays Korg and the movie’s villain Antoine.

Disney is squishing together a bunch of properties for this video, but they’ve been doing a lot of that lately anyway.

Watch the incredibly meta trailer (?) below:

The video sees Deadpool film a reaction video to a Free Guy trailer with Korg, although one wonders why he invited the Kronan fella over since the two don't seem to get along well.

The merc with a mouth breaks the fourth wall pretty often to poke fun at Deadpool 2’s fridging controversy and the fact that Free Guy has been delayed so often from its original release date.

While Deadpool 3 is taking shape, the movie isn’t set to enter production anytime soon due to Reynolds’ busy schedule. Still, this video is an interesting preview for the character’s first steps into the MCU after languishing in Fox’s messy X-Men universe for so long.

In the future, could we see Wade Wilson interact with more prominent heroes like Loki or Captain America? Possibly, but this video is the closest we’ll get for now.

Free Guys is set to hit theatres on Aug 13, 2021.

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