Demi Lovato didn't think she would reach the age of 30

Demi Lovato didn't think she would reach the age of 30
Demi Lovato.
PHOTO: Instagram/Ddlovato

Demi Lovato didn't think she would reach the age of 30.

The chart-topping pop star celebrated her milestone birthday on August 20 – but Demi was surprised to reach the landmark after suffering a near-fatal drug overdose in 2018.

Demi explained: "That's something I thought was impossible to do. Even in bouts of sobriety, my depression was so strong that I didn't think I'd get here today. But here I am."

The Cool for the Summer hitmaker suffered multiple strokes, a heart attack, and even brain damage after taking an overdose.

But Demi is now looking forward to the future and is even hopeful of starting a family one day.

She told Spin Magazine: "I'm in a new chapter in my life, and I don't know what my 30s have in store for me, but hopefully a family one day."

Demi has struggled with alcoholism and drug addiction during her career.

But the Sorry Not Sorry hitmaker thinks she's actually been too candid about her struggles over recent years.

She shared: "As I get older, I'm trying to learn to be more private.


"I think I do give too much insight to people into my life, and I have to think, do people deserve that?

"I'm sure by the time I'm 35, my mouth will be glued shut because I'm tired of talking about myself. And I'm sure people are tired of hearing me talk about myself."

Demi shot to fame as a child, starring in the hit children's TV series Barney and Friends.

But, on reflection, she now regrets getting involved in the entertainment industry at such an early age.

She said: "I'll always look at child stardom, at what I went through, as something traumatic for me.

"No child should ever be in the limelight. It's too much pressure.

"There's an absence of childhood that you never get to experience. It makes things confusing because you develop problems from that experience, whether it's addiction or trust issues or financial stress. It follows you into adulthood."

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