Disney looking to push more theatrical films on Disney+

Disney looking to push more theatrical films on Disney+
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While Disney+ is currently the home turf of the hugely-popular The Mandalorian (and later on, the various Marvel Studios TV series such as WandaVision), it looks like subscribers might have to dedicate more time to the House of Mouse’s streamer pretty soon as Disney is planning to make several movies premiere there directly.

Deadline reports that upcoming live-action films, including Cruella (starring Emma Stone and Emma Thompson), Peter Pan and Wendy (starring Yara Shahidi), and Pinocchio (starring Tom Hanks), have all been tapped to forgo their theatrical debuts, and instead go directly to Disney+.

While nothing is set in stone yet, the company is reportedly “looking at every option” to see just how to go about releasing the movies in a timely manner without dropping too much in profits, given how theatres in the US and the rest of the world have been hit badly by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Disney employing the direct-to-streamer approach isn’t new, though. Mulan was the first live-action feature film to feature on Disney+ back in December, albeit as a US$29.99 (S$40.30)purchase on Premier Access.

Should the above three films make their debut on the platform, they may be subject to such pricing too, to ensure the studio recoups the losses incurred by the big budgets used to make them.

Similarly, WarnerMedia has made Wonder Woman 1984 available free for a month on its HBO Max streaming service, although it will also still be released in cinemas in the US on Christmas Day.

This article was first published in Geek Culture.

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