Disneyland Paris debuts first Avengers ride in July

Disneyland Paris debuts first Avengers ride in July
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Avengers, assemble…at the Marvel Avengers Campus in Disneyland Paris, that is. Following standalone Ant-Man and the Wasp and Iron-Man rides at Hong Kong Disneyland, its European counterpart is gathering all the superheroes into an amusement space.


Set to open on July 20, 2022, Disneyland Paris’ Marvel Avengers Campus will feature the debut of the first Avengers ride in the world, which comprises two sections — Avengers Assemble: Flight Force and Spider-Man W.E.B. Adventure.

Its premise is similar to the first Avengers Campus in California, and revolves around the idea of building a giant school to train and recruit guests as the next generation of Earth’s Mightest Heroes.



The former attraction sees visitors joining Iron-Man, suited up in Mark 80 armour, and Captain Marvel on a mission through space to lure a threat away from Earth, while being strapped into a vehicle that Stark has equipped with a homing device.

Meanwhile, the Spider-Man ride invites fans to team up with the web-slinging superhero and capture out-of-control Spider Bots by uh, shooting webs at them.

That’s not figurative speech — the specially-designed technology actually allows you to reach out your hands and do precisely just that by recognising your body movements and gestures.

But a world-saving superhero is also a hungry one. The attraction park will bring a host of delicious-looking treats and dishes to its menu, some of which can be checked out below:


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