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'This is disturbing as f***': Sheila Sim on men conspiring to wife-share

'This is disturbing as f***': Sheila Sim on men conspiring to wife-share
Sheila Sim shared her thoughts on Instagram about the 4 men that admitted to conspiring to drugging and letting others rape their wives.
PHOTO: Instagram/Sheila Sim

Even those dearest to you can't always be trusted.

In an Instagram Story post yesterday (Oct 31), Sheila Sim shared her thoughts on the guilty plea that four men gave following their admission to conspiring to wife-share.

The 38-year-old Mediacorp actress wrote in her post: "This is disturbing as f***. What kind of screwed up a******* do this!"

The four men had connected with each other online and conspired to rape each other's wives and even live-streamed their own intercourse with their wives, the Straits Times reported. Two of the men had gone so far as to select the sedatives to be used on their wives.

"If I cannot trust my husband to protect me, who can I trust, really? 24 years in jail and 24 strokes [of the cane] sounds about right," Sheila angrily added.

Sheila, who is pregnant with her second child, is currently in Bali for a women-only solo retreat away from family.

She had expressed hopes to go on a retreat by herself prior to becoming pregnant with her second, she said in an Instagram post on Sunday (Oct 30).

Said Sheila: "Deon asked if there's anything I'd like to do before I give birth again. After some serious thoughts, I told him I'd like to go for a solo retreat. I said it with much guilt and very little hope of it happening.

"Before getting on the plane, a part of me was prepared to cancel the trip at the very last minute! It felt like something was going to sabotage it one way or another!"


Despite the guilt she felt leaving her two-year-old daughter Layla behind, Sheila's me-time is well-deserved after a hard-fought two years being a mother and an actress.

In a post yesterday, Sheila shared her experience in Bali, admitting that motherhood was taking a toll on her "physical and emotional wellbeing".

Thankfully, her time in Bali is also rejuvenating her.

"I cannot feel more bliss in the last two days that I've been here," Sheila said. "I'm living the life that I have been yearning for! Waking up to everything that's restoring my spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing."


But she also didn't forget to express gratitude to Woo and her family members, who have taken up the parenting role in her absence.

"Thank you darling Deon, I really am so grateful that you're supportive of this trip. Thank you for the full day of adventure you've planned for Layla.

"It takes a village to raise a child (especially when Mama is not around). Lucky [to have] my mom and a reliable helper, otherwise I would never have been able to come here in peace."

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