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Don't get duped, Jeanette Aw warns fans against online imposters

Don't get duped, Jeanette Aw warns fans against online imposters

If you've received a message from 'Jeanette Aw' asking for donations, that's not her.

The local actress said that there are people impersonating her online, after receiving tip-offs from her fans.

"That's not me. Look out for the verification tick," Jeanette wrote in her Instagram stories on Sunday (June 9) night.

She posted screenshots of the conversations that the imposters had with her fans, one of which read, "I would want you to help me with $5,500 to support the orphanage so immediately after my vacation is over, and my account can be accessed, I'll have your money to you."

The 39-year-old added that she does not ask for donations for her charity work, or "text and speak in such a manner."


Fortunately, the fan did not fall for the scam. She asked to see 'Jeanette' in person before she would agree to any donation.

The actress, who is currently holidaying in Greece, also shared a photo of the location where she recently lost her phone.

Then, the fake 'Jeanettes' started appearing. Coincidence much?

After learning of the incident, Jeanette's fans flocked to her manager's Instagram account to leave comments that they will be cautious of such scams.

Do not engage in any conversation with these fake accounts, the actress has warned.

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