E-Junkies: Contestant on Thai reality show The Hidden Character 'wanted to take his clothes off' forgetting the cameras around

Would you be self-conscious if you had a camera on you at all times?

That's what the contestants of the new Thai reality show The Hidden Character: Unmasked went through, living under the same roof and engaging in a series of challenges to show off their talent.

The show gives the winner a chance to star in an upcoming joint production by iQiyi and Be on Cloud, the company behind the hit Thai boys' love TV series KinnPorsche.

But in a recent interview with AsiaOne, the 11 contestants — Max Chanachai Sawangnin, Lotte Chaiyut Panchukiat, Mio Athens Werapatanakul, JJ Patiphan Fueangfunuwat, Copper Phuriwat Chotiratanasak, Woody Nuttawut Chaibooranapankul, Perth Patsarut Kooncharoen, New Chunnawan Mandee, Jet Chatsadakom Bundit, Bump Pawat Akkaradetsakun and Fuaiz Thanawat Shinawatra — seemed unfazed by the constant camera presence.

"We didn't care," said JJ, 22. "We acted like there were no cameras around, as if we were at our own homes."

"Sometimes, I forgot that there was a camera around when I was doing things," 18-year-old Bump said, to laughter from his fellow contestants.

"Like when you wanted to take your clothes off, right?" JJ added.

They also told AsiaOne that the contestants, aged between 16 and 25, all got along, though they sometimes played up the rivalry.

"On stage, Perth interrupted me and said we are enemies," Copper, 19, said. "But I'm going to tell you right now, personally I feel like I have a great relationship with everybody.

"If I wanted to play some guitar, I'd invite Max or Mio to play with me. If I wanted to play some video games, I would just force Jet to play with me.


"If I wanted to chit-chat, then that would be Perth. So where's the enmity, Perth?"

Perth, 20, concurred: "Outside of this competition, we're all friends, but sometimes there may be some rivalry or conflict. But outside the games, we can mostly get along well."

Max felt that Woody, 25, was "someone who has a lot in common" with himself over the duration of the show.

"We can bond and share things with each other quite easily," the 20-year-old added.

For the full interview including what advice the contestants got from the KinnPorsche cast, watch our latest episode of E-Junkies.

The Hidden Character: Unmasked streams on iQiyi.

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