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E-Junkies: We teach Got7's Young-jae Singlish and tell him where to find otters in Singapore

Good things come to those who wait. After two years, fans of Got7 will finally get to see their idol in the flesh.

However, it'll only be Young-jae who is stopping by as part of his mini tour in Asia.

The 25-year-old singer-actor was supposed to perform with the group in February 2020 but the concert was postponed indefinitely when the Covid-19 pandemic started.

We caught up with the talented K-pop artiste on a new episode of E-Junkies and took the opportunity to teach him some Singlish while checking in on the progress of his English studies.

"To be honest, I've been really busy and it is difficult to find time to study English," Young-jae confessed, adding that he remembers the Singlish phrase "Hello lah" from a previous interview.

Well, we had to correct that so our beloved idol won't be caught misusing Singlish and we feel pretty confident that he now has some basic idea of how to use the word "lah".

He exclaimed: "It's so good to be back lah!"

Indeed, Young-jae, indeed.

As for local cuisine, he admitted that he's not very familiar with it so he's on the lookout for recommendations. He added: "I also want to look around Singapore as previously, I wasn't able to go out of the hotel."

Since he's a fan of otters, it's only fitting that we told him where to look — Marina Bay and Bishan Park. He seemed surprised to know that the ones here "walk around on the street".

We also took the chance to find out more about his songwriting process and Young-jae said his surroundings influence the kind of music he creates.

He shared: "I wouldn't really say I get inspiration but I observe my surroundings often and I have a habit of taking down notes on my notepad. So I think about those when writing songs. I'm not someone who will suddenly get a rush of inspiration and quickly come up with a song.

"But I am the type to spend a lot of time when writing my songs."

For the full interview with Young-jae, check out our latest episode of E-Junkies here.

Young-jae's mini concert Sugar will be for one night only on July 31 and tickets are available on Sistic and Marina Bay Sands.

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